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Ferro Anchors Ltd.
Ferro Anchors Ltd.
Ferro Anchors, came to me with a strong desire to rebrand it’s image after a big turn around that saw it rise from the ground up. The company’s client base primarily came from word of mouth and referrals, they wanted to have a stronger web presence to display their work and gain higher level clients. I executed a full identity rebranding as well as well as an upgrade of their current website. My pitch with the company was to go mobile focus before upgrading their desktop model. This approach turned out to heaved incredible results.

The Challenge

A new vision needed a new face. The company was started by 2 business partners but soon grew into a national manufacturing company with big projects across Canada as well as the United States. They needed a new identity that portrays them as a standard for excellence & reliability in their field.

We started off with redesigning their brand identity.


Sketching & Ideation

A Move to Mobile

I started the design experience & interface with the big picture in mind - how would it look like on a full desktop website but executed on mobile first. The reason being was that according to my research and the client's target viewers - architects &contractors - they are mostly smart phone users who are on-the-go since they're always on the filed. 

We needed to display Ferro's products line including their details on a view that is mobile friendly. We also wanted to have the ability to order these products easily on the user's phones.


Using sketch, I created the initial mobile mockups which I then designed & coded using Webflow's platform.

Quote & Product Inquiry Form

Our initial idea was for the users to be able to purchase right from the site, however due to the complications in customizing most of the orders we all agreed that a quote/inquiry option was the best solution at the moment.

Ready for the Big Screen

Once the main features & assets were implemented on mobile I then expanded the design towards a desktop version. This allowed me to expand and focus on the project portfolio of the client to further establish trust and reliability. We were also able to add more information regarding the products while keeping the quote/product inquiry option available as a right sidebar.

The Solution

Click on the image to visit finished Website

If you'd like to talk about a project you want help with or need an advice about product design, just drop me a message at joelpaolo@me.com I'm currently AVAILABLE for any design projects, designs consultation or website design.