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Personal Project
The Score Web App
I'm a huge basketball fan and would always find myself checking up on the latest news around the web in regards to what's going on around the NBA. The Score has been my favourite sports app mainly because it's easy to use but I have to admit that their web app is pretty sad (at least on my iPhone). I've decided to play around with designing my own version of the website using Sketch & Invision's new feature - Prototype.

The Challenge

The Score is a fantastic app with a really smooth UI. My only problem with getting the app itself is that my phone doesn't have that much storage so there are those times when I have to remove the actual app and settle on using their website.... this is where I find a few things annoying.

1. Web App Issues

First, somehow when I go and read an article then try to click on the menu button on the top right it gives me this weird screen where all the Divs and links go all over the place:

I don't know if it was my phone or the actual website but it seems to happen on my tablet as well.

2. A not so "Dynamic Content" for media company

The web interface when browsing through items seems a bit boring. It's very bland & uniform that it doesn't excite the user that much anymore. Their direct competitor, Bleacher Report has this interesting approach to where they have a mixed media display that they use to make their platform more dynamic, easy to update & exciting. Although I still find their approach a bit messy and needs more work I still think it's a fun way to present sports as a media.

3. Continuous Scrolling

I know that the app already has this feature but I don't know why the web app doesn't. I find it hard to use paginations especially on a content driven website where there should be continuous stream of information. It'd be cool to have that on the web version.


I didn't really have any user testing done on this issue since I'm the only one complaining but I do have certain web apps that I enjoy using that is similar to the Score. I've pulled a few elements from these sites to help develop my ideal design for the Score's web app.

Sketching & Ideation


I used Sketch to create quick mockups to layout the main screens I wanted to highlight and change:

Using Invision's Craft plugin called Prototype, I created a hyperlinks on each layer that would take the user to the proper screen.

The Solution

If you'd like to talk about a project you want help with or need an advice about product design, just drop me a message at joelpaolo@me.com I'm currently AVAILABLE for any design projects, designs consultation or website design.